Bill Pay

Bill payer can be used with a First Federal Community Bank checking account to pay all your bills online. You can set up recurring or single payments and we'll take care of the rest.

Many merchants can be paid electronically through the system, but any merchant can be paid, even local ones, because if they don't accept electronic payments, we'll send them a check for you!

You can see the issuance of payments by check in your account history and see the copy of the check online when it clears your account. Also, your account will not be debited for the check until the item is presented to the bank for payment.

Because paper checks generally take longer to arrive than electronic transfers, we strongly recommend that you review all your Bill Pay merchants and make sure your scheduled payments will arrive in a timely manner to prevent any late payments. Paper checks may take 7-10 business days to arrive.

Periodically we will examine all merchants paid by check to determine if they can be converted to electronic delivery. If your merchant becomes part of the electronic payment network, you will be prompted when you visit the Bill Pay area of our website with a notice on that merchant asking you to review and confirm the conversion of your payment method.

And remember, it's completely free!