Person to Person Sender Agreement

As a privilege, First Federal Community Bank offers this Person-to-Person payment service to send domestic payments to private individuals by simply using an email address. To protect you and the bank, we require you to password protect the transfer. You should provide the password to the payee personally.

An email will be sent to the address you provide for the payee during payment creation. It will include a hyperlink which will direct the recipient to our website where the necessary banking information can be provided online to complete the transfer. The payee will be responsible for providing the correct bank routing number and personal account number. You will not have any access to their banking information.

Once the claim has been made online, the transfer will withdraw funds from your account. The money will be processed through the ACH network and could take up to two banking days to arrive.

This consumer service is intended to send between $5-$500 dollars to a friend, family member or another private individual. While it can be used for personal debts, it should not be used as a Bill Pay system or for commercial purposes. Doing so may result in the revocation of your access to this product due to additional requirements under NACHA rules for business. If you need a commercial ACH origination solution, please contact your Customer Service Representative at the nearest banking center to discuss our Business Banking Products.

The bank reserves the right to revoke this privilege without notification at any time.