Mobile Deposit

What do I have to get to make Mobile Deposits?

On your iOS or Android device, download the First Federal Community Bank app from your app store, click Mobile Deposit, read and agree to the service disclosure to start using the service. It's easy!

What do I do with my check once it is deposited?

Please take the following steps with your check:

  • Endorse the check with your signature and "Mobile Deposit Only."
  • Keep the check in a secure location for 60 days to give it time to clear the maker's account. You may be criminally liable if the check is deposited with our bank or any other institution after being submitted electronically.

How quickly will the funds be in my account?

In normal processing, the funds from your deposited check will be in your account within 24 banking hours. The bank will not accept your deposit until your item has been reviewed and found to meet our mobile deposit banking rules. To ensure proper processing, please make sure that the images of the front and back of your check are clear and include all four corners of each side. It helps to lay the check on a flat surface that is a different color than the check.

How does my institution use the pictures I take to make a deposit into my account?

On October 28th, 2004, the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act or Check 21 went into effect. This law was designed to enable banks to handle more checks electronically and make check processing faster and more efficient. Because of Check 21 the bank can use your phone's camera to convert your check into a Check 21 image and process it electronically as a replacement of a paper check. The images are never saved to your phone, nor can images already on your phone be converted by the app.

If I receive an error when trying to deposit my check, what should I do?

Follow the instructions in the app. You may be asked to take another picture of the front and/or back of the check. You might be told some reason that the item cannot be accepted electronically and advised to bring the item to the nearest banking center for assistance. If the error is based upon our rules, your item may be held pending review. You will be notified after we have reviewed and acted upon your submission.

The most frequent error is caused by an invalid image. Make sure that your check is against a solid background of a contrasting color to the check, such as a table, that the image is focused, and that all four corners of the check are visible. If the image is good you may be getting an error that tells you the check cannot be deposited at this time. You can wait several minutes and try submitting the check again. If errors persist, please contact your banking center during our banking hours.