In Case of Emergency

We understand it can be scary when you think someone has gotten your information, especially if you realize it after business hours. While we don't have someone here to take those late night calls, we do have some advice that might help you prevent any problems and sleep a little easier until morning.

The steps you can take depend on the type of problem you anticipate. The following are some reasons you might want to take action to protect yourself before we open tomorrow:

Obviously, any time you suspect theft or fraud on your account or cards, please contact your nearest banking center immediately so that we can help prevent the bad guys from doing bad things in your name.

Debit or Credit Card Fraud
Call our main number 903-784-0881 anytime. During business hours our staff will be happy to assist you. After hours, you will need to listen to the menu options. Follow the audio directions and you will be forwarded to someone at our card processor who can "lock" the debit or credit card from further use and prevent malicious actions from that point.

Stolen Login Credentials
Whether you have been taken to a phishing site, caught a virus on your computer, used a public terminal or had someone shoulder surf you as you login in to our banking site, you can take steps to lock down your credentials even if we are not available when you discover or suspect the problem.  Simply browse to our site and purposefully fail to login six times in a row. After that your account should be locked down from any online access. Please contact us during business hours the next day so that we can help you further.

Lost or Stolen Checks
The easiest way to prevent unauthorized checks from hitting your account is to place stop orders on them. You can do this on a single lost check or on a range of checks. The easiest way is through the Internet. Simply log into your account and follow the menu choices to stop payment on the lost or stolen checks. There are fees associated with this feature, but when you do it online, the fee is much smaller than if a person here assists you with the process. You can also stop payment on checks through our First Access Telephone Banking system, by calling 903-784-5195, logging in and following the prompts to stop payments.