Strong Passwords

We heard you. Our website will now only force you to change your password once a year. You certainly may change it more often if you wish.

For your protection, we do require you to use strong passwords and prefer your incorporate a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and some special characters.

Remember that your Password:
  • Is case sensitive
  • Cannot be same as your social security number
  • Cannot be same as your Logon name
  • Must contain a mixture of letters and numbers
  • Must be at least 8 but no more than 12 characters long
  • Should contain upper and lower case letters, numbers & special characters

We strongly suggest you use passwords that are unique to your First Federal Community Bank logon. They should not resemble any other passwords or pattern of password creation that you use at any other websites. If you do write them down, do not keep them where others may have access to them.