Faster than writing a check.
Easier than carrying a lot of cash.

We've added a lot of design options for our MasterCard debit cards. Simply choose the design you prefer and enjoy the convenience of card transactions without the interest of credit card services.

Debit Card Designs

But we really would like to make sure everyone knows about our school-branded Spirit Card Program that support local school districts. The school spirit cards generate money for your school district every time you use them as a credit card in a PIN-less transaction. Funds are disbursed to participating schools annually in September. Since its inception in 2009 this program has exceeded $101,000 in total contributions to these area schools.

School Spirit Cards

Use your card just like a credit card to conduct PIN-less transactions. The amount of each purchase is deducted directly from your checking account, so there are no interest charges. It's not a credit card, even though it is accepted as one.  Plus - it's your ATM card, functional at any ATM.

Order your School Spirit Check Card or any of our First Federal Community Bank Check Card today. Please come by your nearest Banking Center to order one today.