Share Loans

It almost seems a rule that when you get a chance to save some money and put it to work for you, something seems to come up that requires you to liquidate your savings.

If your savings are tied up earning you interest in a First Federal certificate of deposit account, and especially if you would face penalties from withdrawing the funds early, we have a special type of loan that might help.  We let you borrow against the principal value of your certificate account at a rate 2% above its yield.

If you're ready to apply for a personal share loan, download the application, then contact one of our loan officers below, or visit
your nearest Banking Center to find out how we can help you.

Paris (Downtown)
Jeff McDowra903-737-5451
Wade White903-737-5483
Paris Loop
Alisha Rhoades903-669-0602
Angie Briscoe903-669-0605
Sonya Lawrence903-669-0619
Jason  Schoggins903-669-0617
Bow Willis903-427-3858
Mt. Pleasant
Ashley Amerson903-577-1118