At First Federal Community Bank, our goal is to match you with the loan that's the best fit for you. We'll look for the loan that suits your needs and your financial situation. So, please feel free to take a look at the types of loans we offer to the left, but remember we're here to help on your terms, on your time, anytime.

Please contact one of our Loan Officers below, or visit a Banking Center nearest you.

Paris (Downtown)
Jeff McDowra903-737-5451
Wade White903-737-5483
Paris Loop
Alisha Rhoades903-669-0602
Angie Briscoe903-669-0605
Sonya Lawrence903-669-0619
Jason  Schoggins903-669-0617
Bow Willis903-427-3858
Mt. Pleasant
Ashley Amerson903-577-1118